The traditional technique for permanent hair removal. Effective results rely on the accuracy and correct balance of settings by the Electrologist. A series of treatments are needed for permanent results.

  • 15 Minutes

  • 30 Minutes

  • 45 Minutes

  • 60 Minutes


    Temporary hair removal for clear, smooth skin instantly! Our premier methods using accurately applied waxing techniques will assure the finest results.

  • Eyebrow Shaping

    With a service $15

  • Lip

    with a service $15

  • Underarms

  • Lower Legs or Arms

  • Full Legs

  • Traditional Bikini

  • Brazilian Bikini

  • Back or Chest

    LHE Hair Removal

    A safe, efficient technique for rapid hair removal and reduce hair production. A series of treatment are needed for optimum results. Costs vary due to area size and density. Speak to Technician for multiple areas and larger areas.

  • LHE Hair Removal
    6 sessions

    Small area – ex. Upper lip, Lower lip, Chin | $55.00 per session, series of 6 sessions

  • LHE Hair Removal
    6 sessions

    Medium area – ex. Under Arms, Traditional Bikini Line | $85 session Series of 6 Sessions

  • LHE Hair Removal
    6 sessions

    Large area – ex. Lower Legs, Arms, Bikini Plus | $125 session Series of 6 Sessions

    Specialized Facials

    The following facials offer excellent results to minimize flaws, fine lines. Your skin will feel and look radiant!

  • Quick Remedy Treatment

    This 30 minute professional treatment is an express facial. A Cleansing, exfoliate, moisturize and protect. This is a quick economic answer to your listless complexion!

  • Clinical Facial

    Break through formulas for your skin type. Custom formulas for Aging, Rosacea, Sensitive and other problematic skin conditions. Our experts can analyze your conditions and formulate clinical facials for a treatment that benefits your skin type and conditions. Using top grade products to sooth and recover your skin!

  • Clearista Refining Treatment

    Clearista works to re-texture the outer surface if your skin. Patented and clinically proven formula enables increased hydration and resurfacing upon application.

  • Chest or Back Facial

    Ultrasonic Facials

    The ultrasonic facial is a medically proven treatment that uses ultra sonic waves to loosen and remove dead skin cells and restore the natural electrical charge to cells.
    The DermaSound Ultrasonic has been featured on The Doctors television show.

  • Teen

    Adolescent skin, slightly clogged. Third phase is excluded

  • Primary

    Acne Grades 1-4. Problem skin and conditions, fine lines. Third phase is excluded

  • Primary Plus

    Preventative & Corrective Age Management, Rosacae. All three Phases.

  • Primary Advance

    Corrective Age Management, Advanced skin conditions. All three phases plus a Remedy Peel.

    Dermal Renewal Treatments

    Chemical Peels and or Procedures that promote cellular renewal and revealing fresh skin. The 30 minute intense treatment includes; cleansing, the peel process followed by a moisturizer and sun protector.

  • Dermaplanning

    Dermaplanning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a cosmetic tool to gently remove the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Cleansing, Dermaplanning process, finish with appropriate moisturizer. Combine with a Quick Remedy Peel $150

  • Quick Remedy Treatments Series of 12

    A monthly Quick Remedy to smooth and refresh your skin. Look flawless all year long! Savings of $150.00

  • Deep Renewal Peel

    Erase fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage on your skin with the targeted strength of a chemical peel. Light, medium and even deep layers of skin can be peeled to a smooth finish, rejuvenating skin tone and reducing the signs of aging. Includes Glymed Pre-Peel and Apres Peel Skin Care Kits

    LHE Skin Solution

    The Skin Solution using LHE technology and professional products will improve the appearance of skin texture and tone, smoothing of lines and wrinkles. Neutralize pigmented and vascular lesions. A series of Sessions needed for optimum results. Prices may vary due to size, color, depth of lesions.

  • LHE Facial

    Series of 3 sessions. | $350.00

  • Small Spot Treatment

    Series of 3 Sessions | $175.00

  • Medium Spot Treatment

    Series of 3 Sessions | $230.00

  • Large Spot Area

    Series of 3 Sessions | $350.00

    MJD Health Coach

    MJD Health Coach for wellness and health. Support to execute changes for better wellness and health.
    Private sessions online, video conferencing or phone.

  • Consultation
    30-60 minutes

    Consultation to review goals with trained professional up to 60 minutes

  • Single Session
    30 min

    Up to 30 minute private session

  • 10 Sessions
    30 min

    10 Sessions to used in 6 months from purchase